FunFormKit is the most fun, family-oriented form validation and generation package for Webware in the entire world!
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FunFormKit automates form handling in a number of ways:

Form validation:
Fields can be validated, and if the values are valid the user is given an error message and an opportunity to resubmit corrected input.
Value conversion:
Simultaneously with validation, values can be converted. For instance, an integer can be returned (and if the user doesn't return an integer, they will be given an error message).
HTML generation:
Simple layout can be performed when a basic layout is given. This layout is typically good enough for 75% of forms, probably more.
HTML widgets:
HTML has basic widgets, like text input, drop-down lists, etc. FunFormKit introduces more complicated widgets which are formed out these basic widgets, and some Javascript -- but the programmer can use them like any other widget. (A widget that I use often is OrderingField, which allows the user to order a set of options)
FunFormKit quotes all the of the input you give it. You don't have to worry about double-quoting something, or in laziness not quote something and later encounter a value with a " in it.
Thread safety:
FunFormKit is designed to be reentrant, which is to say that it is fundamentally thread-safe. While this does not ensure that all portions of your form-handling system are thread safe, it will tend to encourage a similar style of programming. It also encourages a programming style that accounts for the stateless nature of HTTP.
FunFormKit is meant to be used with Webware for Python, a web application framework.
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